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Educating In Cyber Security Risk Management

Education and training is the preeminent enabler to managing your cyber risks and deploying effective cyber security risk management strategies. 


We provide practical hands on education and training, that draws on real life case studies. A combination of e-learning and class room based tailored courses are delivered to meet your requirements.   


One day senior manager cyber risks awareness  and strategic seminars .


Two days cyber security risk management tools and techniques training.


In addition we schedule general seminars on cyber risk appreciation and insights into protecting your data privacy and mapping your digital persona.


Cyber Risk  Profiling 

We support you in developing and managing your dynamic cyber risk profile, which is in a sea of  constant change. By using our ExpoSeIT™ risk algorithm we can build a layered portrait of  cyber risk changing over time or with key events, that drive change in your risk profile.


Cyber Liability

We provide advise on managing your cyber liability and will assist you in becoming an informed buyer, of cyber risk liability insurance cover.

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