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Secure Code Reviews and Mentoring for Developers

Mentoring by our experts will help developers deliver secure applications. We will place privacy of data at the heart of your software development. Secure coding practices, are achieved by embedding security and cyber risk management at every stage of the software development life cycle.


Our code reviews will involve a combination of manual line by line examination of source code and the use of automated tools, to identify insecure code.


The code review will provide an “objective” risk estimation of the likelihood of a successful attack and the business or individual impact, if the identified vulnerabilities are not remedied.


Penetration Testing

Through our trusted partner network, we undertake intelligence led penetration testing on networks, web applications and mobile applications. Probing your networks to discover vulnerabilities that potentially could be exploited by attacks and other threats. We will work with you to place the results of the penetration test within a cyber risk management framework as part of your overall risk management strategy.


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